Nowy Sącz 112

The “Nowy Sącz 112 – Ratownictwo Ziemi Sądeckiej” is a local emergency services news website. Despite the CMS engine, previous website didn’t need a revolution and the classic two-column layout was the obvious choice when I started its redesign. Hand coded WordPress theme of the redesigned website is fully responsive and works in all modern browsers.

Nowy Sącz 112 - page details
Nowy Sącz 112 - home page

CSSMap plugin

The new CSSMap plugin’s website has been released with the fifth version of the script. Hand coded WordPress theme has been designed to work in all modern web browsers and it’s fully responsive. It’s powered by WordPress and using Easy Digital Downloads plugin to distribute downloads.

CSSMap plugin responsive design examples


CSSMap plugin 2016 - home page

The CSSMap plugin

CSSMap plugin settings form
CSSMap plugin’s demo page with settings panel

CSS and jQuery interactive maps

The fifth version of the CSS & jQuery clickable maps previously available on the Winston_Wolf’s website.

The script converts a simple list of regions into fully responsive interactive map using the well known CSS sprites and works in all modern web browsers.


The first clickable map has been made in June, 2009 and used pure CSS style sheets with image sprites. The markup has been terrible, so later on, I wrote simple jQuery script that allows to simplify the code. Over the years the script has been developed and enriched with new features.

Main features

Get CSSMap plugin

CSS & jQuery clickable maps

Showcase and selling platform of my own CSS & jQuery clickable maps plugin was a part of the simple responsive WordPress theme of the former Winston Wolf’s quasi-blog.

Clickable maps website details

This project has been dropped in April 2016 and replaced by CSSMap plugin website.

Winston Wolf’s Bliplog was the most popular microblogging platform in Poland and I was active user there, known as “Winston Wolf”. It allows to use customized theme for the “Bliplog” archive. Due to the Blip restrictions it could be coded in xHTML 1.0 Transitional and use some not advanced CSS properties.

Winston Wolf's Bliplog preview service has been closed in August, 2013

Graphically rich, but very simple showcase of the products made in my own smithy related business, called, has been released in the middle of 2009. It has been hand coded in the finest strict xHTML 1.1 and used some jQuery plugins, as carousel and lightbox. website details

Winston Wolf’s photoblog

In the end of 2006 I decided to move my photoblog to its own domain. Design of that website was very minimalistic – should not distract from photos. It has been hand coded in the finest strict xHTML 1.1 and used my own flat file CMS.

Winston Wolf's photoblog 2007 preview
Winston Wolf's photoblog 2007 home page

This project has been closed in 2011.

King’s School of English 1

Static website designed for King’s School of English 1 from Ostróda, Poland. It has been hand coded in strict xHTML1.1 and CSS. Heavy design and Flash animation in the header are sign of the times when it was developed.

King's School of English 2006 website preview
King's School of English 2006 home page

Very simple website about my hometown – Nowy Sącz – by years was my playground to learn web-development: semantic code, accessible and cross browsers support of the advanced CSS technics. It has been hand coded in the finest strict xHTML 1.1 and hasn’t used any client side scripts.

Nowy Sącz z innej strony page details - Nowy Sącz z innej strony home page

This project has been closed in June 2009.